The president’s top adviser on cybersecurity, Michael Flynn, said on Monday that the GOP has “a witch hunt” against the president and suggested that the Senate’s cybersecurity committee has been politicized.

In an interview with The Hill, Flynn, who is on leave from his role as national security adviser, said the GOP’s “totally unhinged” attack against the Trump administration is a “complete farce.”

“The GOP is totally unhinge on this,” he said.

“I’m very confident that they have a witch-hunt going on against this president.

It’s very simple.

This is about a president who is going to get a lot of money and be protected by a bunch of people.”

Flynn, a former general and current vice chair of the Defense Intelligence Agency, also called the House Republican leadership “a bunch of crooks” and “a disgrace.”

“They’re a bunch.

They’re crooks,” he told the Hill.

“They’re not patriots.

They have no backbone.

They are a bunch.”

Fletcher said he doesn’t think Trump “is at all concerned” about the House GOP’s attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after the 2018 midterm elections.

“I don’t think he’s at all worried about the Republicans’ plans to repeal the ACA,” he added.

“They don’t care about the Americans.

They care about getting money for their donors.

That’s their concern.

They want to put people in prison and do things like that.

I think he understands that.

But he doesn, as far as I know, even think about what happens after the elections.

He’s focused on getting the money for his donors.

I don’t know if he even knows what the future holds.”

The White House and congressional leaders have repeatedly denied that Trump and his allies have been engaged in a concerted campaign to sabotage the ACA.

In a briefing with reporters on Tuesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Republicans were “disappointed” that Flynn and others have expressed their concern about Trump and the Trump-Russia probe.

“We are disappointed in these statements by Michael Flynn and other Republicans who have expressed concerns that the president is not focused on doing the right thing,” Sanders said.

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