A pregnant woman who has had a routine ultrasound or a colonoscopy could be eligible for an appointment with a specialist to get her colonoscopies done.

The procedure would be performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, according to the Mayo Women’s Health Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic is in the Rochester area, about 10 miles from the Mayo Medical Center.

The Mayo Clinic would be responsible for paying for the procedure, according the clinic’s website.

The doctor would have to be registered at the hospital.

If a woman has any previous medical issues, the doctor would also need to be certified by the Mayo Institute of Medicine and be cleared by the state of Minnesota to perform the procedure.

The state would then reimburse the cost.

There are currently no plans for the surgery, but Mayo Clinic officials say it is an option for women who have no other options.

The facility has been offering colonoscopes to women who had an ultrasound or colonoscopic performed at least six months ago, but only in the Midwest.

This is because most states don’t allow the procedure in Minnesota, and the Mayo Health System has no facility that performs the procedure there.

It is not clear if the procedure would also be available in other areas of the country.

The surgery is not covered by insurance and is only offered in Minnesota.

There are other procedures that women can undergo, such as an elective vaginal birth, for example, according a Mayo spokeswoman.

The new service, which could be rolled out nationwide, is an extension of the existing Mayo Clinic program.

The program was launched in 2017 after a patient’s colonoscape showed no evidence of infection.

That patient had been on a waiting list for a colonoscopic procedure and was told that the procedure could not be performed because she had a history of pre-eclampsia.

The woman’s symptoms did not improve until the woman was referred to Mayo Clinic.

She was told she could not receive the procedure until she underwent a colonoscope.

The patient’s symptoms improved when she received the colonoscoscope.

The newly launched service will allow women who are pregnant and have symptoms similar to those of premenstrual syndrome to receive a colonicoscopy.

The new service will also be offered to women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and who have had an endoscopy and/or an endometrial biopsy.

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