How to cancel your doctor appointment if you can’t find a doctor within an hour

I know it’s tough to imagine how you’d feel to have to cancel an appointment that’s scheduled for 5:30pm at your favorite coffee shop.

But it’s really important that you’re able to schedule a time to get your doctor to show up for your appointment.

I know this because I had one in my mind the other day.

The day before I got the call, I had a conversation with my doctor about my scheduling challenges.

We discussed how I would probably want to schedule an appointment before work, so I figured I could do that too.

And that’s exactly what I did. 

A couple of hours later, I received a call from my doctor informing me that I had been referred to a local physician, who agreed to treat me for COVID-19 within the hour.

I’m still pretty shocked, but I knew that if I could get the appointment at my local hospital, I would be fine.

I’ve got a busy schedule this month, so if I had to take my time, it would be great.

But this time, I couldn’t do it. 

As of 5:45pm, I still had two appointments scheduled for me, both at my favorite coffee shops in Washington, DC.

I didn’t want to wait until I was in a hurry to get my appointments, so instead of canceling the first one, I decided to call and cancel the second one.

I had already made arrangements with a local doctor and they agreed to come pick me up.

The appointment didn’t happen until I arrived home. 

That’s not the best thing to do, but it’s something I can live with.

I think it was worth it.

My doctor has confirmed that he’s OK, but we’ll have to see how long it lasts before we can discuss what we can do about it.

For now, my schedule is looking a lot easier, and I’ve even gotten a lot of positive feedback on Facebook.

It’s not easy to cancel appointments that are scheduled, and that’s especially true if you’re a busy person. 

You’ll want to make sure that you keep your appointments on a daily basis and do your research ahead of time.

For example, I usually schedule my appointments about two weeks before the flu season begins, and as the flu hits, I’ll likely need to cancel a few appointments, too. 

I have a few other tips to consider, too: Have a plan for when you need to leave the house. 

If you’re traveling to the hospital, have a list of people to call when you can. 

Use a health insurance plan. 

Be aware of what your doctor will charge for the care. 

Keep your appointments short.

If your doctor doesn’t charge anything extra, you should be fine, but if they do, make sure you stay in contact with them to make arrangements for the next appointment. 

Make it easy to schedule appointments for people who live outside of your zip code. 

Know the rules. 

Just because you’re not in the city, doesn’t mean that you can cancel your appointments or avoid getting sick.

I can’t stress this enough: Make sure you have a good plan for scheduling your appointments.

If you do decide to cancel or delay a scheduled appointment, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about the plan.

You’re not obligated to do it, but you should still ask to schedule the next time around. 

And for more tips on how to manage your health and get the most out of your appointments, check out this article on The Big Picture. 

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