A new study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology finds that women in Georgia who undergo a pregnancy test before an appointment for a medical appointment (known as a gestational diagnosis) are more likely to have an abortion than those who wait until the appointment to see the pregnancy results.

In the study, which included 7,800 Georgia women who had been pregnant for the previous four weeks, women who were treated for an abortion by a physician who was not an abortion provider were more likely than women who waited until an appointment did not have an appointment with a doctor who was an abortionist.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Pecher, said that the study is the first to examine the impact of a physician’s appointment before an abortion appointment on women’s outcomes.

“We have not previously examined the impact on abortion outcomes in this setting,” Pechers said in a statement.

“In this study, we found that women who underwent a prenatal diagnosis prior to an abortion had an 18 percent greater abortion rate than women with an appointment in which the physician did not provide an abortion.”

Georgia, however, has a provision in its laws requiring physicians to provide a safe and appropriate abortion.

The Georgia law also requires women to get informed consent for their abortion, and a provision requires women seeking an abortion to have “informed consent to receive medical care.”

According to the National Abortion Federation, there are more than 700,000 abortions performed in the United States every year.

Georgia is one of a handful of states that require that doctors provide informed consent before performing an abortion, but Peches said that Georgia does not mandate that women have to obtain a safe, legal abortion before having an abortion.

“A majority of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, and that doctors should be able to provide that abortion,” Pekin said.

Pechest’s study does not examine the effect of the availability of a clinic-based abortion provider, such as Planned Parenthood, in the state.

PECHS study is limited to Georgia, where the law requires women with a prenatal appointment to obtain their abortion at a clinic.

The state is also the only state to require that physicians provide women with informed consent prior to performing an elective abortion, Pechells said.

“That requirement has been effective in preventing abortion by women seeking abortion,” he said.

According to Pecheys study, women with more than one doctor on staff were more than twice as likely to be at an abortion clinic when a pregnancy diagnosis was first made, but only about a third of the women who received a prenatal test before the appointment had an abortion during that visit.

Pecaher said that it’s likely that the increased risk of an abortion among women who obtained the prenatal test first could be due to the lack of availability of clinics that are certified by the American College of Obstetricians and GyNs, and are licensed to provide abortion services.

He said that many women who obtain prenatal tests have multiple providers, and in some cases, those providers are not certified.

Pekins findings come just weeks after an article appeared in The New York Times in which a physician in Tennessee was arrested after telling a pregnant woman that he planned to perform an abortion before she would get her first prenatal test.

The article cited a confidential source who said that a physician at the hospital where the pregnant woman’s fetus was born had offered her a test that would detect a genetic abnormality in the fetus, which could cause her to have a baby with Down syndrome.

The report noted that a second physician at another hospital in Tennessee had also offered the same test, which the woman was told would allow her to terminate her pregnancy before the fetus would be born.

According the Times, the second physician said he planned on taking the test before his wife, who was about to give birth to their son, gave birth to a girl, but the fetus was stillborn.

Pembient, which provides abortions in Georgia, told The Associated Press that it would not comment on Pechern’s study, but a spokesperson told the AP that “our goal is to ensure that women are given access to the safest possible option to terminate their pregnancies.”

A study in the journal Contraception, published in January, found that more than half of women who have an intrauterine device (IUD) during their first trimester had an IUD inserted more than a year after their last.

The researchers also noted that IUDs are often prescribed as emergency contraception, and the researchers believe that more women would have an Iud inserted if the birth control method was readily available.

In July, the CDC released new guidelines for women who want to have sex but do not want to use birth control.

The guidelines, which are based on information gathered from the National Survey of Family Growth, do not recommend using condoms.

In addition, the guidelines recommend that women use a condom if they plan to have vaginal sex during the next

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