Here are the steps you need to take to set it up in your area.


Make sure the phone number of your doctor is called.

It must be the same number that you use for appointments with your doctor.

If it’s not, you’ll have to call another doctor.


Make a request to your doctor to schedule a visit.


Make an appointment with your medical professional.


Have your doctor arrange an appointment in the area where you want to go.

If you need a second doctor, your doctor must be able to visit you there.


Wait at least 30 minutes.

If your doctor has more than 30 minutes, you can schedule an appointment at your next appointment.


If the doctor says he can’t make an appointment, you need an appointment.


If he says he won’t make it, get in touch with the local ambulance service to arrange an alternative.

If that doesn’t work, try calling your doctor’s phone number to make a request.


After the appointment, tell your doctor if there’s anything you want.


Take pictures of the doctor and your family, if you want them.

If they’re not in your photos, ask for them.


Bring your family to the nearest hospital to see your doctor for an x-ray or ultrasound.


If needed, bring the family to your next doctor’s appointment, or go to a hospital if possible.


If an emergency occurs, call 911.

If not, call your local emergency number for information.


If there’s an emergency, take a picture of the emergency room nurse or the ambulance driver.

If this happens, the ambulance will take you to the hospital.

If a patient needs medical attention at home, the hospital staff will follow up. 14.

If no ambulance arrives, call the emergency number to find out when it will arrive.

If necessary, call again to schedule an ambulance.


Call your local public health department to find the nearest ambulance.


Call the emergency department if you need help finding a doctor to go to your area for an appointment or treatment.


Call 911 if you see a person or animal that looks like a dog or cat.


If any of these steps doesn’t help, you should take the following steps: 1.

Call for help with the appointment.

2, Ask your doctor about your options.

3, Make an emergency request.

4, Write down any information that you need for the appointment or follow up with your family.

5, If your hospital is unable to take you, get an ambulance to pick you up. 6, Take pictures with your cell phone.

7, Call your doctor when you’re ready to leave.

8, Bring your photo ID with you to your appointment.

9, Get an ambulance if you can’t leave your appointment with an ambulance or the local hospital.

10, Contact the ambulance company if your doctor can’t take you or the hospital if they can’t help you.

11, Take your photo.

12, Send the following to your local health department: Your name and phone number Your name, address, and email address The dates of your appointment Your phone number and email number Your last four digits of your social security number Your date of birth, your last four numbers, and your social protection number Your medical school’s email address Your medical specialty or specialty code Your date and time of birth and current mailing address Your phone and email addresses The address on which you plan to go if you’re unable to attend your appointment in person or call an ambulance If you don’t know your name, the address on the phone, and the current mailing and address of your medical school, call an emergency number and ask for the name and address.

13, Send a copy of your request for a consultation to the local emergency hotline.

14, Write a letter explaining what happened, what you want done to make sure the visit is good for you, and how you’re going to be compensated if it’s canceled.

15, Send copies of your letters and photographs to the emergency services.

16, If you’re the patient’s primary care physician, your physician must be at least 18 years old.

If both doctors are older, you must get a doctor’s letter from the primary care doctor, and a letter from your doctor that is the same as the letter from an older doctor.

17, Write the doctor who is supposed to have treated you a letter in the form of a certificate or letter of approval.

If these letters are not in the same format as a letter of recommendation, your health professional must fill out a written letter of authorization from your primary care surgeon.

18, Ask the primary doctor to fax or mail the letter to you.

If all three doctors have faxed or mailed it to you, it’s a good idea to send it to the primary health care physician.

19, Send your letter

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