The owner of a rental car agency in Wisconsin said his customers often ask for an appointment with a car maintenance company, but when they go to get their car, they are met with a list of restrictions, like needing to provide a picture of the owner and address.

“We don’t want to be responsible for someone’s insurance, they’re not our customers, they’ve never even had a car,” said Richard Boudreaux.

He said they do not have any restrictions on what the company can do.

The owner said he tried to explain to his customers that his company had a warranty and he could take care of it, but they did not understand that the car was not covered under their insurance policy.

“They said, ‘That’s ridiculous.

You can’t fix my car.

I don’t even own the car,'” Boudres said.

Boudreux said his clients sometimes asked for a vehicle inspection because they wanted to see what the car would look like after they’ve driven it.

He also said some customers ask for their car to be inspected, even though he told them to take the car out of service if it is not covered by the insurance policy they have.

When a customer asks for a car inspection, he said the car is often covered by their insurance, but the vehicle inspection company will not tell them whether it is covered.

“You can go to their website and they say, ‘We’re not responsible for what we do.

You should be.

We’re not going to be sued,’ and you’re just waiting to see if that’s true,” Boudreeaux said.

While Boudrees cars do not go into service without his insurance, he has a different experience with his company.

He has had his insurance companies insurance cancel his car insurance policies for about 20 different vehicles, according to his website.

“It’s a common thing.

People are going to ask, ‘Well I can’t afford to fix this car, is that covered?'” he said.

He also said many people think it is okay to use his company’s services to get insurance, if they have not been insured.

Bosley said it is common for insurance companies to have a policy with a specific term that covers parts of a vehicle, or a vehicle’s warranty.

Bosley said in many cases, he will pay the difference between what his insurance company will cover and what his customer is asking for.

“That’s a good rule, that’s not going anywhere.

They can have a lot of coverage and they can have lots of options and they have a choice, but it’s just a matter of what the policy says,” he said, adding that most of his customers are using his company because they are having a problem with their insurance company and want to find out what to do about it.

Bosters insurance company has a policy that covers about 40 percent of his vehicles, he added.

When asked if he thought insurance companies would have the same policy with Bosley if he was not the owner, he replied, “That’s not my business.

I’m the one who’s paying.”

He said he would like to have insurance for all of his cars, but if he cannot afford it, he does not want his company to have it.

He said if Bosley’s insurance company would cover his vehicles when they are in service, he would be happy to pay that.

“I would like my company to be paying for them, but my company wouldn’t be covering them because they’re paying the full cost.

That’s not right,” he told FOX6 News.

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