I’ll still be on my way to New York, so I’m not exactly excited about the prospect of having to come back to New Zealand for Ghostbusters II. 

That said, the news that we’ll be getting a sequel to the beloved 1987 classic isn’t exactly news to me, and that makes me excited to see what the cast and crew come up with next.

“I was hoping that we’d be able to do something a little bit more with the franchise.

It’s a pretty iconic series, but I’m glad we got to have a sequel.

There’s so much to look forward to.

I’m really excited to go back to the place where I first came into the world and see what happened next.””

I’ve never seen a Ghostbusters movie that’s as faithful to the original as this one is.

It really is a beautiful movie, and I’m excited to be part of that.” 

I’m not the only one who’s excited to get a Ghostbusters sequel.

I know that we’ve been getting a lot of buzz around the idea of a Ghostbusters II since it was first announced back in 2015.

It was a great way to kick off the new year and introduce fans to the cast, and it seems that we’re getting closer to that new movie. 

While the news isn’t particularly surprising, the fact that the studio has already announced a new Ghostbusters movie is definitely something that I’m hoping to see.

“There’s no question that we want to continue the legacy of Ghostbusters,” says co-writer/director Paul Feig.

“We feel it’s important to bring a fresh new experience to the franchise that will be exciting to the new fans and to those who have loved the original.” 

It’ll be interesting to see how that new experience is received by those fans.

It’ll be great to see if it is something that they enjoy.

I’m sure we’ll all be eagerly awaiting the next Ghostbusters movie to hit theaters, and there’s a good chance that the first film will be remembered fondly as the first time we saw the franchise in a completely new light. 

I know that the second film will still be a great movie, but it’s a very good idea to take a step back and enjoy the original.

I’m looking forward to getting a glimpse of what the sequel will bring to the table.

The first film had some of the most unique, memorable, and memorable moments in the entire franchise, and hopefully we’ll have a lot more of those.

I look forward a good Ghostbusters 2.

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