The number of people with mobile phones in Kolkata, where vaccination campaigns are underway, is far higher than the city’s average population.

While the average number of mobile phone users in the city is 2,100, the average usage in Karkhumbu is 1,600.

A recent report by the National Sample Survey Organisation, which is part of the government, revealed that 1.2 million mobile phone subscribers in the country are under 25 years of age.

The average age of those using mobile phones is 29 years.

While many mobile phone providers, including Reliance Jio and Vodafone, have introduced mobile-only plans, others are yet to launch such plans.

However, the government has recently said that it will allow companies to offer a mobile phone call-free service for those under 25.

In a bid to get people to come to the vaccination centres, a group of people have been working to create an app that allows them to have a phone call on a mobile device.

According to the group, the app will provide a service to anyone who wants to have their mobile phone phone calls answered on a computer.

It will be a simple and affordable way to have call-back service on mobile phones.

The app is being developed in collaboration with a mobile provider in Kota, which will provide the service to those with mobile phone numbers in Kalkar and Karki districts.

“The app will be offered free of cost.

It can be downloaded from the app store and will cost between Rs 100 and Rs 500,” said Kolkati-based mobile app designer, Praveen Mehta.

The project is being spearheaded by a group led by the group leader, Arvind Kumar.

“We will launch the app on Monday and launch the trial in Kankaras area.

We are planning to launch the beta version of the app for a few months and provide free trials for the whole city,” Kumar said.

The group has created a mobile application called “Kakkar Kannadig” that has already been tested on a large number of the people.

“Karakota has a very large number and the number of those in need of vaccination is huge.

It is important that the people can be reached quickly and we want to give a mobile service that they can access quickly,” Kumar added.

While mobile phones have been introduced in many parts of the country, the most popular and widely used ones are the Vodacom-branded Vodacon and Samsung Galaxy phones.

While most people have used these phones for a number of years, mobile phones were also the preferred form of communication in Kalebi in Kutch, a town in Kanchipuram district.

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