I just realized that some of my readers have asked me why I’m still paying DMI for my appointments and I want to answer this question.

The answer is simple.

The fees I charge are for the DMI staff, not for the patients.

The DMI has been around since 1982 and it is still a critical tool in the health care delivery system.

The cost of this service is borne by the patients and not the DMPs.

We don’t have to be a profit-driven company to provide a service to our patients.

As a result, we are able to pay our staff more than $100,000 annually.

As an example, I will give you a couple of examples.

In my office, there are three different types of appointments: appointments with a DMP, appointments with DMI and appointments with another health care provider.

In each of these cases, I pay a $100 per hour fee to the DMR to do the work that we do.

The $100 fee is based on the number of appointments I provide.

The other $100 comes from DMI.

The patients get to choose the providers they want to see.

If I don’t get the patient to choose, I don the fee and it goes back into the patient’s account.

When the DMDs get a patient’s name, they can use it to make an appointment.

That money is paid to the patient.

In the same way, if I don-say I get an appointment with a provider who doesn’t want me to see my patient, I can’t use that money to make my own appointment.

This is an important point because if DMI doesn’t have the money to pay their staff, they have to pay for it themselves.

And that’s exactly what they have done in the last year.

The fact that we are paying DMR more than DMI should be an indication to the industry that this is not a free lunch.

We are going to have to cut some of the fees we are charging DMI to keep this system running.

We need to do that so that our patients get the care they need, regardless of whether they are DMI patients or other health care providers.

The bottom line is that if the health insurance industry doesn’t like us, they shouldn’t be paying us to do this job.

It’s time to get out of the DMS system.

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