What if the NRA is a racist organization?

When the NRA made headlines last month by announcing that the group’s president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, would retire after serving as the group “adviser” for the White House, some were surprised by the decision.

The decision by the group to have LaPierre step down after only a few years as its chairman, however, was widely interpreted as a sign that the organization’s core belief system was racist.

The New York Times wrote that LaPierre had once called the NAACP “a bunch of fat cats with no skin in the game.”

“He’s a white supremacist,” one NRA member told the Times.

In the wake of LaPierre’s retirement, the group released a statement saying that the president had been fired because of a “misunderstanding” over his “political beliefs.”

LaPierre defended the decision, saying that “I’ve always been a conservative,” adding that he “believed in civil liberties.”

The NRA did not respond to a request for comment.

But the organization has long supported policies that discriminate against LGBT people, including by excluding them from gun ownership, and has frequently used the NRA’s political clout to push those policies.

In 2015, the organization sponsored a pro-gun bill in the House of Representatives that would have banned federal funding to groups that “promote, advocate, support or encourage” gun ownership.

The bill passed the House, but it was ultimately defeated in the Senate.

The NRA’s role in the Obama administration is often cited as a reason that it has failed to crack down on gun violence.

“The NRA is the most important organization in American history,” former Vice President Joe Biden told the New York Daily News last year.

“And I think there are things that they did well.

They’ve been the most vocal.”

In 2016, Biden said that LaPiers role in Obama’s administration had made him a “part of the problem.”

“I think they’ve been able to do more for gun control than anybody else in American political history,” Biden said at the time.

“I just think that, when you look at the NRA, the NRA has been an extraordinarily successful organization, and they’ve had a long history of being involved in trying to make sure that the Second Amendment is protected.”

In January, the Trump administration withdrew its nomination of David Bowdich, a former NRA board member, as the new secretary of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Department of Justice said it had withdrawn Bowditch’s nomination after it became clear that Bowdick was not qualified for the position.

The group has also been accused of funding political candidates who oppose gun control measures.

A 2012 report by the Center for Responsive Politics found that the NRA had spent nearly $2.7 million in the 2016 election cycle.

The organization has also played a prominent role in promoting gun control legislation, with the NRA promoting a gun-control bill as a solution to gun violence that would allow law enforcement officers to carry guns in schools and in churches.

NRA spokeswoman Amanda Miller said in an email that the association “has always supported commonsense legislation that would strengthen the Second AMM (Amendment) protections of the Second and Fourth Amendments and prevent gun violence.”

“We believe that the time has come for all Americans to come together to defend our country and our freedoms from the threat of violence,” Miller added.

In January of this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics, a professional organization for pediatricians, released a report that found that gun violence had reached a “fatal level” in the United States and that more than 1.5 million people had been killed by guns in the previous year.

The report called for a new federal gun law that would require background checks for all gun sales.

The American Medical Association, another professional organization that represents medical professionals, also released a draft proposal to the American public for a federal gun bill.

The proposal would ban the sale of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other high-powered weapons.

It would also ban assault weapons and high-caliber ammunition.

But NRA officials have criticized the proposal as ineffective and said it is too broad.

In a statement, the National Rifle Association called the proposal a “back door to confiscate guns.”

“It is simply a backdoor to confiscation of weapons of war and the people who use them,” NRA spokeswoman Kristin Gage told the Washington Post in January.

“It would strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights to bear arms, and it would do nothing to address gun violence in our country.

Instead, it would create another dangerous and dangerous precedent.”

The report found that many of the country’s mass shootings were preventable.

The study found that about a quarter of mass shootings occurred in places that “had not previously been gun-free zones.”

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