On Sunday, September 10, 2018, at 5:00 PM ET, Kroger purchased the Marriott Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

That same day, Chase will open its new flagship branch in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Both locations will serve as the new official hotel and convention centers of the Marriott brand.

In a statement, Krogers spokesperson said, “Kroger is thrilled to welcome Chase to our Charlotte, NC, hotel.

We are excited to offer this historic facility to our guests and customers.”

It is the first Kroger property to open to the public, and the first for Chase, who is already in the process of moving its Dallas headquarters to Charlotte.

Both properties are slated to open in 2020.

The following day, the Marriott hotel will open in downtown Houston.

Chase will also open a new flagship store in Charlotte later this year.

In the coming weeks, Krogers and Chase will begin opening a second flagship store, and Kroger plans to add additional branches in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and more.

Chase has yet to confirm its plans for Charlotte.

In February, Krogs corporate office announced the expansion of its Austin store, adding a new Kroger Superstore and opening a new branch in the city.

Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery chain, is currently expanding its retail footprint into the Dallas area.

Krogers corporate office previously announced the plans for a new grocery store in the Dallas suburb of Overton, Texas, which will open next year.

Krogans new flagship stores in Charlotte and Dallas will help expand the chain’s presence in the North Carolina market, and expand its footprint in the South, which has been a key area for Kroger in recent years.

The Dallas store is expected to open next month. 

The Charlotte branch is expected for late 2019, and will be the largest Kroger store outside of the Dallas and Houston areas.

The Charlotte branch will serve the Charlotte area’s Kroger and Walmart customers, as well as those in nearby areas.

Krogar is also expanding its store network in Dallas and Charlotte, and has signed new contracts with multiple local retailers.

The Kroger Atlanta store will open later this month.

Krogas Atlanta store opened in October and will serve Kroger’s Atlanta and Jacksonville customers, while the Kroger Chicago store will expand its Chicago store. 

In addition, Krogest is also working with several local retailers to launch new store concepts.

Kroges Atlanta store, which opened in January 2018, will serve Atlanta, Dallas and Jacksonville.

The Chicago store, a Kroger flagship store located in the Chicago suburb of Englewood, is expected in the spring.

Krogest has also signed new contract agreements with several retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and The Gap. 

Krogest will also be adding more stores to its Atlanta store.

Krogmaster Atlanta, a new store in Atlanta’s historic Midtown district, will open this summer, and is expected at some point during the summer. 

New Kroger locations will also come to other cities in the future, including Seattle, Austin, New York City, and Denver. 

While Kroger has already opened a new Minneapolis Kroger branch, the chain has yet yet to open a Dallas Kroger or Charlotte Kroger location. 

Additionally, Kromart has plans to open three more stores in the Denver area in 2019, with the Denver store opening in the summer of 2019 and the Atlanta store opening during the spring of 2019. 

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