A new law introduced by the Delhi government, the Indian Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (IAMA) has raised doubts about the reliability of an appointment and has prompted a call for an independent expert to be appointed to oversee the registration process.

The AAP government has said it has not authorised an appointment for registration.

The new law, which came into effect on Friday, has raised fears that the government is seeking to circumvent the auto industry by providing a more convenient process to register auto-rickshaw-rickshaws.

The law also requires the registration of new auto-driven hire vehicles, which can be purchased on the spot.

“The new auto registration system is not transparent and has many loopholes and there is a danger of tampering.

It is also not clear whether auto registration can be completed electronically or by appointment.

It can also be a problem in the event of fire, flood, or other disasters,” said a source from the IMA.

The auto registration process is being conducted in a manner that is not in the best interest of the industry, the source added.

“It is also unclear whether the process of filling the registration forms, which is done by the auto manufacturers, can be automated,” he said.

In a statement, the AAP government said, “It has been decided that an independent panel will be set up by the IASI (Indian Automobile Certification Authority) to supervise the registration and licensing of new vehicles.

The panel will report to the Delhi CM on its work.

After the panel has made recommendations, the auto manufacturer will have to submit a report to Delhi CM, it said.

The government is also considering setting up an industry-wide audit committee.

It added that the panel will have the power to take all steps necessary to ensure compliance of the new system.”

The government is trying to change the way the auto registration is conducted in order to reduce the number of registration and license applications, which were more than 60 per cent in 2015, said an IMA official.

When the Delhi Motor Vehicle (DMV) department began issuing auto-powered hire vehicles last year, there was a shortage of about 10 lakh such vehicles.

However, the government has recently started issuing about 40 lakh of these vehicles in the first quarter of this year.

Since the government’s decision to issue the vehicles, the number has been reduced to 10 lakh.

The IMA has expressed its concerns over the lack of transparency and convenience of the auto registrations.

A senior IMA leader said, IMA is against the government making the auto-registration process more difficult by giving a higher fee for the registration.

IMA has been fighting for the removal of the fees, he added.

The government has also asked the auto companies to provide the registration details, which they have not done, the official said.

“The auto manufacturers have been making false and misleading representations about their vehicles.

IMA wants the auto makers to provide them with their registration details,” he added, adding that the auto dealers have also been given false information about their cars.

With the auto vehicles not being registered, the dealers are not able to offer their services, said the official.

“We want the auto firms to ensure that their cars are being registered properly and provide a reliable registration number for all new registrations.”

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