Apple Pay and Google Wallet launch Apple Pay was officially launched on April 22.

In just a few short days, the service is going live across the globe.

Apple has made it easy for users to pay with their Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatches.

Google Wallet is also now available in the United States.


Apple Music finally launches Apple Music was officially announced in early May.

Apple announced the service a few weeks ago and is set to launch in the coming weeks.

The service is the first in the company’s catalog of streaming music services.


The UK government makes its official position on Brexit In June, the UK government said it will be keeping the UK’s membership of the European Union.

The government says the decision is based on the benefits of membership of Europe, not a “right to travel.”


Google introduces new smartwatch models Google introduced a new smart watch at CES this week, which it says is designed to be a companion for people who work with smartphones.

The company says it’s the world’s first smartwatch that can track your health and activity.


Samsung Galaxy S8+ launches Samsung announced a new model of the Galaxy S9, which is also called the S8 Plus.

It will be available in June, with pricing set to start at $699.


Apple and Google announce new services for smartphones The two companies announced a partnership to offer smart home security, which will be free to all users.


Microsoft’s Xbox One X launches Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One S, will launch on June 6 for $399.


Amazon’s Echo speaker adds Alexa capability Microsoft unveiled an Alexa-enabled speaker this week.

The Echo is designed as an extension of Alexa, the voice assistant that’s already available on Apple and Android devices.


Google and Apple introduce new smartphones, TV streaming and more The Google and Amazon announcements are the first of many announcements that Google and its partners will make over the next few weeks.


A new Google+ photo app gets its first major update Amazon has updated its Google+ Photos app with a new design, new photo sharing options and a number of other improvements.


Samsung’s Galaxy S7+ hits the market Samsung is starting to roll out its new flagship Galaxy S5.

The new Samsung Galaxy will hit the market in June.

Samsung also said that the new S5 will be “the first phone to include Samsung’s next generation Smart Home and Cloud Platform, Smart Search and Samsung Smart TV.”


Apple launches a new music app Apple’s new music service, Music, has been launched in the US.

The Apple Music app will be launching in June with a free trial.


Uber, Lyft and others add ride sharing options Uber, a ride-hailing company, has announced a few new ride-sharing services that are coming to its app later this month.


Amazon unveils its new Echo smart speaker Amazon announced a speaker this morning, the Echo Dot, which has been designed to play music on a smart speaker, with a 10-speaker array.

The speaker, which costs $100 less than a standard Echo Dot speaker, will be the first Echo speaker to be available on Amazon’s service.


Google’s Alexa voice assistant gets a major update Google has introduced a number new voice assistants in its latest update.

Alexa is also coming to Android and iOS devices.


Apple adds a new video-sharing service Apple added a new service to the iTunes app that lets users share videos and photos with one another.


Apple’s iOS 9.3 update comes to tvOS, tvOS 10.1, tvOs 11.2, tvos 12 and tvOS 13 The tvOS 9.2 update is coming to tvOs 10.0 and 10.2 later this year.

The tvOs 12.0 update is scheduled for release in September.


Samsung introduces its first smart watch Apple has announced the Samsung Galaxy Watch, a new wearable smartwatch powered by a new technology called OmniBalance.

The device has a 1.8-inch display and comes with a heart rate monitor, proximity sensor and a camera sensor.


Amazon and Google launch a new podcasting app Amazon announced two new podcasts that will be coming to the service later this summer.

The first is the popular podcasting site, TechCrunch, which launched in June and will now be available to everyone on Android and Apple devices.

The second, TechRadar, will soon be launching on both platforms.


Microsoft announces a new cloud storage service Microsoft said it is adding a new version of its Microsoft OneDrive for Business cloud storage product, which allows customers to access, manage and share their data on Microsoft’s cloud.


Samsung announces a smart TV Amazon announced its new smart TV, the Samsung SmartTV, which runs Android TV and has a 1080p screen.

The SmartTV will be released later this

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