The Dallas Mavericks will not have to pay a penny for the flu shot they purchased with taxpayer dollars.

But that does not mean that the team is not facing a major cost as the league continues to evaluate the vaccine for possible side effects.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced Tuesday that he will not be required to pay the $7,500 price tag for the shot, and that he would only pay if the team can prove that the vaccine is safe and effective.

Mavs president of basketball operations Chauncey Billups said that he and other team executives were not aware of the price tag until Tuesday morning, and were unaware of any studies on the safety of the vaccine until Tuesday afternoon.

The price tag is $7.7 million, with a 20 percent premium added to the cost, according to ESPN.

The Mavericks have also not yet announced the price of the shot for other teams in the league, which is expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

The NFL and the NBA Players Association will determine the prices at which players will receive the vaccine, according the league.

The league is also reviewing whether or not to include a tax rebate on the vaccine that would allow players to purchase it at a lower price than a vaccine purchase from the NFL or the NBA.

Mavericks owners, who purchased the team with taxpayer money in 2015, are paying $1.2 billion for the vaccine.

They expect to pay $7 million to $8 million for the first vaccine, which the team plans to purchase with the rest of its revenues, according an Associated Press report.

Dallas will not receive any money from the tax rebates, which were announced last month by the league to encourage people to participate in the vaccine program.

Marks owner Mark Jacobs told ESPN last month that he was confident the vaccine would work and that “there is no question that we will be able to get to where we need to go in the field, with our fans.”

“We don’t have a lot of options,” Jacobs said, according with ESPN.

“I don’t want to speculate too much on what the future will bring, but I think there is a lot to be hopeful about.”

The Mavericks are not the only team that has been hit with a price tag.

New York Knicks owner James Dolan will not pay the franchise’s $4 million price tag because he believes that the shot is too expensive.

Mets president of business operations Bryan Colangelo told ESPN that he is not concerned about the price, adding that he wants to be “committed” to making the team financially viable.

“The main thing for me is the health of our fans and the health and welfare of the franchise,” Colangelo said, per ESPN.

“We’re not going to spend money on the players.

We’re going to invest in our health and well-being, which we’re going in great shape right now.”

Maverons owner Mark Hughes said he has “zero tolerance” for price gouging.

The NBA is investigating the prices for the three other vaccines and is expected later this year to decide whether to make the flu shots mandatory.

The cost of the flu vaccine has skyrocketed over the past several years, to nearly $6 billion in 2015.

That number has been on the rise in recent months as the season has gone on, with some teams and players questioning the cost of providing the shot.

In November, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to health care providers, saying that a rise in the flu season could be a significant factor in the increase in the cost for flu shots.

According to the CDC, flu shots cost between $12 and $14 per shot, which are the same prices as those currently paid by most insurance companies.

According a report by the Centers of Disease Control, about 60 percent of all flu shots are purchased online.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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